Suspicious stench causes headache |

Suspicious stench causes headache

Christina M. Currie

The Moffat County Hazardous Materials team spent the better part of Friday on the road to Dinosaur responding to a call from one resident who said he smelled benzine in his mother’s basement.

Benzine is a byproduct of gasoline.

What the HAZ-MAT team found after driving 90 miles wasn’t the toxic and highly flammable liquid. It was sewage.

Craig Fire/Rescue Chief Chris Nichols said a sewer line had backed up into a home. The fumes that a man said smelled like gasoline and burned his eyes were not toxic.

“We were a little suspicious on route to the call,” Nichols said. “As we were gathering information, there were conflicting reports. But, it still needed to be verified.”

Officials are still investigat–ing whether the a false report was made purposely.

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“We’ll be investigating to see if there’s no malicious false reporting,” Nichols said.

If that’s found to be the case, the person reporting the incident could be billed for the team’s time and equipment use from the minute it left Craig.

The caller reported the incident to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s oil and public safety division, which contacted the HAZ-MAT team.

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