Susan Erikson: TMH full of dedicated hardworkers |

Susan Erikson: TMH full of dedicated hardworkers

To the editor:

I am a long time employee of TMH. I was hired back in 1973 at the tender age of 17, and I'm still here.

I have worked at the nurse's station, ER, EMT, surgery, billing and I now work in medical records. I have worked in the trenches and also in management.

I have seen a lot of people come and go over the years, some with relief and some with great sadness.

I find it very disturbing when an employee (Jennifer Riley) is attacked in your paper. Part of her job is to be a problem solver.

She has a go-getter attitude and is a no nonsense type of personality which I find refreshing. She takes care of problems in a very professional manner and tries very hard to get all the facts first.

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She is an asset to TMH team and a very caring person. The comments sent to your paper were hurtful to all of us.

As for the Doctors who left, I was very sad to see both Phillips and Pense leave. Did any one question why Phillips left the Moffat Family Clinic first?

I have noticed that we in the USA are getting away from the family doctor who treats us from childhood to old age. It's not just here in Craig, it's everywhere and I can't say I don't blame doctors.

How many of you go to work from 9-5 and the rest of the time is yours to do with as you please?

I watched families of doctors for years practically have to make an appointment themselves to see their father or mother. Doctors would come and make rounds in the morning, check lab and x-ray results write orders and then head to the office for more than a full day of patient care.

After that they would rush back to the hospital, check test results, talk to the patients sometimes for 10-15 minutes apiece. Then they would get called down to the ER to admit

another patient, which would take another 30-60 minutes of time between looking at those tests and writing orders.

Woops here comes a patient to have a baby.

Hours later those doctors would drag themselves home to take a look at their kids already in bed and a wife who was exhausted being a single parent day after day. What a life.

Heck yeah they want to work for a hospital or clinic where they don't have to make the decision on staffing, billing, etc. on top of everything else. T

he reason you are upset with these doctors leaving is they were your old time family doctor types, but they were not their own bosses and they signed on as a employee not a clinic owner. They knew the rules before they signed on, as did the rest of the employees.

Exceptions can't be made because all of a sudden you have to follow the rules and the processes. When an employee isn't happy they have the option to leave as all you ranchers and business owners are well aware.

We have a hospitalist here to take care of the patient 24-7, which takes a lot of pressure off the clinic doctors. The patients have a doctor available in the hospital 24 hours a day and still people complain.

They complain when someone comes down to listen and try to solve their complaints. Our facility has an amazing short wait time in the ER compared to other facilities in the USA.

Out-of-towners are always surprised to get right into a room. You don't have to wait for a family doctor to leave his patients at a clinic, or after they have had a long day at the clinic to come take care of us as patients.

We have hospitalists here 24-7. Wow what Witham and Monahan would have given to have that luxury.

Yes, I miss the family doctor who was there for me 24-7, but were we being fair to them and their families. Remember when you had a roommate in the hospital who knew everything that was happening to you? Privacy, what was that?

Instead of all this complaining how about some "atta-boys" for the great newer facility and the great staff.

Have a great New Year,

Susan (Herold) Erikson

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