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Survey indicates teachers are satisfied

Moffat County School Dist–rict teachers are happy with their jobs.

At least a majority of those who responded to an online survey indicated satisfaction.

A program Craig Intermediate School used this year to survey parents was so successful that district officials decided to use it to survey staff.

“We wanted to check the pulse of the staff and see how they felt about the climate, direction and some of our goals,” Superintendent of Schools Pete Bergmann said. “We need to be concerned about the feelings they have about their jobs and where the district is going.”

Surveys were completed on—-line by 212 teachers, and the only identification for each was the school he or she worked for.

“We aren’t interested in individual results, we’re interested in overall results,” Bergmann said.

The first 12 questions were developed by Gallup and were based on extensive research to measure an employee’s job satisfaction and the work environment. They were followed by district-specific questions that asked about policies and procedures.

Results were overwhelmingly positive. Seventy-three percent of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they are given the opportunity to do what they do best; 62 percent said they had been praised by a supervisor within the past seven days.

Other results included:

n 77.9 percent think someone they work with cares about them personally.

n 59.6 percent think their feelings seem to count.

n 72.6 percent say they’ve talked to someone about their professional progress within the past six days.

n 75 percent agreed or strongly agreed that they love their job.

n 20.3 percent say their job is more stressful this year than it was last year.

Individual responses indicated that teachers are still skeptical about the district’s push for measurable results, and the data to back it up, Bergmann said.

“We have to gauge by staff response whether to accelerate the process, slow the process or explain it better,” he said. “We’ll use this data to determine what we’re doing well, where we’re going and what we need to do.”

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