Superfood Tip: Hummus |

Superfood Tip: Hummus

Hummus is a creamy spread typically made from a white bean — traditionally garbanzo but Great Northern beans will also work — lemon juice, garlic, yogurt or tahini, cumin powder, water, and a little salt and olive oil. It is loaded with fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates, and B vitamins. It is also one of the only plant sources for iron. The only fat it contains is from the olive oil, which is a heart healthy monounsaturated fat.

Hummus is great as a veggie or bread dip or as a condiment on a sandwich. Using hummus versus other dips or condiments will save you a lot of unhealthy saturated fat and offer a lot of essential nutrients.

Lindsey Hester, RD

Registered Dietitian,
The Memorial Hospital-Craig

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