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Sunset teachers talk trip at board of education meeting

Also at the meeting …

During it’s meeting Tuesday evening, the board of education:

• Unanimously approved to certify the mill levy

• Unanimously approved the first reading of policy 5310, student use of the internet and electronic communications

• Joel Browning was administered the Oath of Office, joining the board as its’ newest member representing District 5

There was plenty to celebrate Tuesday night at the Moffat County School District Board of Education meeting.

Kristin Ingalls was again honored for her Peabody Energy Leaders in Education award, Norm Yoast for his Excellence in Science Education 2012 award from the Colorado Association of Science Teachers, and Cheryl Arnett and Melany Neton shared their experience attending the Partners in Learning Global Forum.

Arnett and Neton recently traveled to Prague in the Czech Republic for the forum.

Arnett, a second grade teacher at Sunset and Neton, a first grade teacher at Sunset, were introduced by Sunset's principal Zack Allen, who described the two's venture as one of the first understanding by design projects for the school.

Moffat County School District recently made the switch to Understanding by Design as its curriculum.

"We're getting our feet wet. They take the unit and break it down," Allen said. "Student's learn achieving dreams take research, planning and goal setting."

Allen was referencing the takeaway for students from the lesson Arnett and Neton planned for their students and shared at the forum, planning a trip to Disneyland.

Students had to apply all their skills to plan a trip including travel and accommodation plans. The end reward was a "trip," to Disneyland, using an Xbox Kinect.

Taking the unit with them to Prague, the two swapped lessons and teaching techniques with educators from around the world.

"The biggest thing to me were the connections we made," Neton said. "I learned so much."

Arnett said the trip gave her an opportunity to see the types of problems other teachers face in educating students, speaking of a specific experience with an educator from Nigeria.

Asked to get up from there table and find one person they hadn't shared projects with, Arnett said she found a man from Nigeria whose project taught students to turn away from the violence and crime they are constantly surrounded by.

Arnett said she felt slightly odd sharing that her project had her students planning a trip to Disneyland. But she said the exchange with educators from around the globe was good.

"We have problems of luxury while others around the world are facing problems of survival," Arnett said. "It's eye opening and it's important."

Arnett spoke about another teacher from Ghana teaching children about child labor and helping them to get out of it.

"This is a different world from when I was young. We have a responsibility to our kids to connect them globally and teach them to work internationally," Arnett said.

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