Student Council: Thank you for making Homecoming great |

Student Council: Thank you for making Homecoming great

Dear editor:

The Moffat County High School Student Council would like to thank everyone who helped make the 2010 Homecoming week a success.

We would not be able to have Homecoming week without the support of MCHS staff, parents, businesses and community members throughout Moffat County.

We would like to thank all the faculty, staff, administration and students at Moffat County High School who helped us with the bonfire, coronation ceremony, parade, half-time show and Homecoming dance.

We are grateful to Wendy's for donating the chili to feed the fire, police and sheriff's department before the bonfire.

We appreciate the help from the fire department, sheriff's department, police department and City of Craig for assisting us with the bonfire and parade.

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We would like to thank the following individuals who provided convertibles and drove the Homecoming royalty in the parade: Dave DeRose, Nikki McLeslie, Shar and Bill Rice, Delbert Knez, Jan Ciesco, Stacey Mathers, Pam Foster, and Jim Simos.

Several parents donated their time for the bonfire, parade and dance, including Mr. and Mrs. Maiolo, Mrs. Harjes, Mrs. Sweet and many other Student Council parents.

Thank you to the businesses that donated pallets for the bonfire. Thanks to the many businesses and community members who participated in the parade and showed their Bulldog spirit.

We would like to thank the Craig City Disposal for providing a dumpster and Safeway for allowing us to use their parking lot for the parade.

We appreciate Frank Hanel, KRAI/Total Entertainment, for providing music at the bonfire and dance. Thanks to Eric Hansen for taking the pictures at the dance.

Thank you to Dr. John Ilko and his family and friends who provided the spectacular fireworks show during the Homecoming football game half-time show.

Finally, we would like to thank the newspaper for the great coverage of the Homecoming week activities.

We are grateful to live in such a caring and supportive community!

Heather Fross

DeLaine Brown

Moffat County High School Student Council

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