Stephen Ghirardelli: ‘Feeling a little cheated’ |

Stephen Ghirardelli: ‘Feeling a little cheated’

To the editor:

I often read H. Neal Glanville's columns because I subscribe to the Craig Daily Press, and like many people these days, I like to get my money's worth.

But, after reading his essay, "The Results Are Your Answer," I'm feeling a little cheated.

I was a language arts/English teacher for Moffat County for many years, so I pay attention when a writer criticizes the "system that seems to be failing our kids."

When the writer also claims not to make "heads, tails or even apples and grapes" of the assessment of the district's progress, and then after "a fresh start," concludes the "educational system … is a bust," I am curious about what he will do to make me agree with such a profound statement.

But when I read, "take a double deep breath" (how does one do this?), "but to be frank — no, let's be honest" (why would someone write this?), "being able to text someone from your pocket" (how does one do this?) and "stuffing a phone in your bra" (why would one do this, too?), I, too, have trouble making apples or grapes or heads or tails.

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Should we readers agree with someone based only on his efforts at humor and creative phrasing?

I don't think so.

Mr. Glanville, your opinion of our school district's teachers is based on an article that the newspaper wrote, about a test that is given once a year, which is a brief reflection of what goes on in our schools on a day-to-day basis.

Why not visit a classroom of one of the many fine teachers who work for the Moffat County School District? I guarantee you being inside a classroom for an hour will qualify you more to write a credible opinion about Moffat County teachers than merely reading about test scores.

Stephen Ghirardelli

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