Stephanie Pearce: Hassles with prom dress shopping |

Stephanie Pearce: Hassles with prom dress shopping

Stephanie Pearce

Stephanie Pearce

Do we want sparkly? Do we want satin or lace? What color looks best with her skin tone? If you haven't guessed, my life has been consumed with getting my beautiful girl ready for prom.

Yes, it's that time of year when getting a dress fit for the occasion in Craig is impossible. We don't have too many options. Craig doesn't have any stores that carry beautiful prom dresses anymore. Back when I was a kid, we had a couple. Not a large selection, but we did have options in Craig.

Now, our first option is usually to go to a city. Our preferred is usually Grand Junction. I like it because it's not over any passes, you can usually make it a day trip if need be and I can find my way around stress free. The problem with Junction is that's where a lot of the girls will go and it's easy to pick out the same dress, and no one wants that to happen.

Our other option is ordering online. This is such a fun experience. I wish I could type in a sarcasm font because I just wrote that in the most sarcastic tone I could use. Ordering online can become a nightmare when the dress comes and it doesn't fit. I used a company online I had never used before. In our case, it's too big. Not a little too big, but a lot too big. So much so that alterations are not an option to still have the dress look like it should. I even measured her and according to the measurement guide, this dress should fit like a glove. It also was about 10 inches too long. Yes, major alterations for this dress would make it unrecognizable. So, we are returning the dress, which would have been absolutely beautiful had it fit.

So, now we are using a company online that we have used before. I'm crossing my fingers that this dress comes on time and fits. This company uses her measurements and custom makes the dress. We ordered one that was totally different than the first one. This one is a beautiful dark turquoise made with satin and fits like a previous dress we've ordered from them. So, I'm just hoping it comes without a hitch and is as lovely as the other dresses we've gotten from them.

Once the dress comes, I will relax a little. Then we can look forward to planning hair and makeup. Those are little things compared to the actual dress. Then the night of, I will be full of nerves again as I wait for her to be home and in her bed.

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