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Stephanie Pearce

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Stephanie Pearce: Finding your destiny

Stephanie Pearce

I have a fortune from a fortune cookie taped to my computer. It reads, "follow the dream that keeps coming back. It's your destiny." I keep it there to remind me there is more to me than just the things I do to get through life. I keep myself motivated in finding that dream so that living this everyday life seems more a little more bearable.

When I was little, I dreamt of being a mom. I wanted so much to have a close-knit family. I often dreamt of what my husband would look and sound like. Sam Elliott usually had the roll of my husband in my dreams when I was a kid. Something somewhere between that mustache and the sound of his voice, my heart would melt. That dream did keep coming back and was my destiny. I have my little family of one boy and one girl with my cowboy (it wasn't Sam Elliott, but I really never expected him anyway).

As I grew older, I wanted to be a teacher. Specifically, I wanted to be a music teacher. I had some of the best music teachers growing up. Mrs. Firestone really stuck out to me as a kid. She helped me to find my voice. I had no idea it was in me, but she truly helped me to bring it out. She gave me encouragement and gave me a solo in one of our Christmas presentations. She made me believe in myself musically. Of course, Mr. Minchew, in high school had a lot of influence, but he would get frustrated by me laughing at different voice warm ups he was teaching me and pass me off to Mrs. Nagoda. She understood me and helped me to grow this voice that I have. I may not have ever become a music teacher, but I have never stopped singing. To this day, singing the National Anthem for events gives me chills and brings a tear to my eye. I am so honored when asked to do those things.

As I grew to adulthood, I dreamt of owning a ranch of some sort. I never thought it would have been my destiny, but I'm so glad it is. I have a peace that comes from living where I do and how I do. Yes, things are not perfect, but it is my home and I love that my dad and his brothers grew up here, I practically grew up here, and my kids have grown up here. It's something I don't take for granted and there is no other way I would want to raise my kids.

Lately, I've had a dream of being an author. I am working on this dream. Being able to have this column has been such a blessing to me. It isn't where I want this dream to end either. I would love to write a novel and have it become a best seller. It keeps me motivated to work on my writing.

The dream that keeps coming back is my destiny. What dream do you have that keeps coming back? What can you do to help it grow to become a reality? Keeping yourself motivated to find the dream is important to keep you moving in this everyday life.