State treasurer to appear at Lincoln Day Dinner |

State treasurer to appear at Lincoln Day Dinner

The Republican Party's signature fundraiser is less than a week away in Moffat County, and a few changes have been made to the lineup of speakers.

KC Hume, Moffat County Republican Party chairman, discovered over the weekend that Ryan Call, Colorado GOP chairman, has a scheduling conflict and will not be able to attend Saturday's Lincoln Day Dinner at the Holiday Inn of Craig, 300 S. Colorado Highway 13.

Call was scheduled to deliver the event's keynote address.

Walker Stapleton, Colorado's elected state treasurer, will speak in Call's place.

Hume said he wasn't necessarily disappointed by the change because the state treasurer will also have insight for local residents who attend the event.

"Walker is a really smart guy and very well spoken," Hume said. "He's going to talk about Colorado's fiscal future, which is appropriate obviously because of his position and also timely considering the state of the economy."

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In addition to the state's top economic official, most local Republican candidates are slated to make an appearance.

Jean White, who currently serves as the appointed state senator in District 8, said she plans on outlining her pro-business campaign platform.

"I'm running for small business," White said. "For smaller government, cutting the red tape and eliminating unnecessary regulations so businesses can do what they do best — grow, prosper and create jobs."

Rounding out the evening will be Randy Baumgardner, state representative in House District 57 who is running against White in SD 8; 14th Judicial District Attorney candidate Brett Barkey; incumbent county commissioner Audrey Danner; and Bob Rankin, of Glenwood Springs, who is running to succeed Baumgardner in HD 57.

"Bob Rankin was a funny guy when I spoke to him (Friday) and invited him to the dinner," Hume said. "I told him he would have the chance to take the microphone and tell people a little about his background.

"His only response was, 'How long do I get?'"

The Lincoln Day Dinner is the primary fundraising event for the Republican Party and is celebrated by many counties and states across the country.

It is named in honor of Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican candidate to be elected president, and is usually hosted in February or March.

As recently as 10 years ago, the Lincoln Day Dinner in Moffat County served as the vehicle for Republican candidates to officially announce their intentions to run for public office, Hume said.

"It's interesting again the way technology has changed, to a certain degree, not only when, but how candidates announce their candidacy," Hume said. "We don't necessarily see a lot of announcements made during the dinner today and I think it has a lot to do with technology — the Internet and social media — which allows information to reach a large audience very quickly."

Although there are rumors about potential candidacies, Hume said he's unaware of any additional candidates planning to announce Saturday.

The Lincoln Day Dinner begins at 5:30 p.m. with a cash bar followed by dinner at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets cost $50 and may be purchased at T&H Parts, 400 Taylor St., and at Pam's Designs, 512 Yampa.

As with the precinct caucuses scheduled for next month, Hume said all are welcome to attend.

"In keeping with the spirit of transparency, we welcome all Republicans, Democrats and Independents to attend the Lincoln Day Dinner," Hume said. "Ultimately by buying a ticket, they'll be supporting the Republican Party, but it's a good way for people to meet and get to know the candidates."

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“Walker is a really smart guy and very well-spoken. He’s going to talk about Colorado’s fiscal future, which is appropriate obviously because of his position and also timely considering the state of the economy.”

— KC Hume, Moffat County Republican Party chairman, on Colorado treasurer Walker Stapleton being the keynote speaker during Saturday’s Lincoln Day Dinner fundraiser at the Holiday Inn of Craig

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