St. Michaels: Thank you for support |

St. Michaels: Thank you for support

To the editor:

In these days of doubt and economic uncertainty, there is one thing for certain here in Craig USA.

The season of giving is alive and well. It was most evident last week at St. Michael's Community Kitchen. The Thanksgiving meal we were able to provide for so many people would not have been possible had it not been for the staff and fantastic people at The Memorial Hospital.

Chef Mark, a very special thank you for planning with all of the departments and gathering an enormous amount of food to fill our pantry and freezers. We are truly blessed to have such kind, generous people who inspire all of us to stop and realize how fortunate we are.

To all of the young people who volunteered their time that day, thank you. To see them giving of themselves by helping clean up, serve guests, visit with them too, was awesome.

To everyone who cooked, served and delivered food and participated in any way, thank you.

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Thank you Craig Daily Press for continued coverage of our happenings at the kitchen and getting the word out to the community.

As we enter the season of peace and goodwill toward our fellow man, let us all stop for a moment and thank everyone who has put forth any effort, big or small, in making St. Michael's Community Kitchen a huge success in our little town.

We are inspired and hope the spirit of giving remains with all of us throughout the coming year.

The grateful crew at St. Michael's Community Kitchen

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