Sports Spotlight: Randy Delay |

Sports Spotlight: Randy Delay

Randy Delay

Age: 44

City: Hayden

Sport: Golf

How did you get started playing golf?

"All of my buddies did it, and they got me into it."

What do you love most about the sport?

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"I love the feeling of getting better."

Is there anything that you would like to improve on?

"Trying to become more consistent would be nice."

What's one aspect of golf people don't realize?

"I really think people don't realize the camaraderie aspect of coming out here with your friends."

Are there any major sporting events you wish you could attend?

"The Masters (Tournament) or the Ryder Cup would be awesome."


Food: Anything Italian.

Movie: "I don't watch much."

TV Show: Hockey.

Pro sports team: Colorado Avalanche

Weekend activity: Golf and camping.

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