Sports spotlight: Lauren Roberts |

Sports spotlight: Lauren Roberts

Lauren Roberts

Age: 17, Moffat County High School senior

Sport: Volleyball

How did you get your start in your sport?

"Once we got into middle school, if we wanted to play sports, it was the first one on the list, so we started playing. It was either that or running three miles in cross-country."

What has been the highlight of your season been so far?

"My highlight was beating Glenwood because in all the years I've been playing here, I haven't beaten them so far."

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How have you improved in your sport from last season?

"I'm a lot better passer."

What kind of weaknesses do you have?

"We don't tip as well as we should, getting it over blocks."

What is it about your team that you like?

"I like this team because they're just a good group to be around and they don't get frustrated when things are going bad."

What is your least favorite thing about your sport?

"It's really easy when you're when you're not doing well to let it affect you mentally, and then you just do worse and worse."

What is one thing about your team an outsider might not know?

"How goofy we all are. It's very hard for us to take anything serious."


Food: York Peppermint Patties

T.V. Show: "House" or "NCIS"

Book: "I read way too much to have a favorite."

Movie: "Inception"

Musician: "I really like Easton Corbin right now, mainly because he sounds like George Strait."

Leisure activity: Powder puff football

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