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Speak Up for Aug. 8

An outrage

My husband and I recently drove by the “tire house” on Thompson Hill that the newspaper ran a feature on several weeks ago.

I firmly believe in property owner rights, but the rules and regulations created by the people are just as important. If I were one of the neighbors of this “project,” I would be outraged. Not to mention the obvious health and safety issues, this “tire house” appears to be a pile of sandbags, discarded tires and some sort of plastic tent. This violates every zoning rule in Moffat County.

The gentleman who owns the land seems to be thumbing his nose at our county rules and county officials. If Moffat County doesn’t have the rules, or the personnel, in place to handle situations like this, our county officials need to make some changes. If our community and our local officials are serious about “beautifying our community,” they can’t allow this sort of thing to happen.

For all of us who take pride in our homes, our neighborhoods and the appearance of Craig and Moffat County, this is an insult. If you don’t believe me, drive by this “dump in the making.” I’m just glad it isn’t happening in my neighborhood.

Check nationwide

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I have just finished reading the article “Stranger Danger.” I suppose it is somewhat comforting to know that there are background checks being done, but as was mentioned in the article, sexual offenders are manipulative, secretive and deceptive. So, to ensure protection for our children and community, background checks need to be national checks, not just state checks. Speaking from experience, these offenders are smart enough to know that moving from state to state provides them with a cover and protection to perpetrate again. I also understand that a national background check costs more, but isn’t it worth a few dollars to protect the well-being of a child?

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