Solomon: Frank Moe has integrity |

Solomon: Frank Moe has integrity

To the editor:

I would like to endorse Frank Moe's candidacy for Moffat County Commissioner. I have known Frank and Kerry well for almost all the 20 years I have lived in Craig. Moffat County is lucky indeed to have a person of Frank's ability, honesty and commitment running for commissioner.

Frank is a person of great integrity. I have never known him to be dishonest or deceptive in the slightest way. He is a tremendously caring individual with excellent judgment who can be trusted.

Back in the mid 90s, Frank probably saved my mother's life. She was in the hospital in Bountiful, Utah, desperately ill from complications of treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Frank and Kerry were visiting in Utah and came to see us.

Shortly thereafter, Frank took me aside and told me that I was staying in Bountiful to watch over my mother and supervise her care; Kerry would stay and help me, and he would take my three children, elementary to high school age, back to Craig and take care of them.

I did as he said, and have been grateful ever since, because my mother probably wouldn't have survived otherwise.

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As a successful and innovative hotel owner, Frank understands the needs of Moffat County businesses in this difficult economy and period of time.

As a committed and caring Christian, he will be open to and compassionate about all voices and needs in Moffat County.

I would encourage every voter in Moffat County to make your voice heard by voting for Frank Moe.

Mary Karen Solomon

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