Smoke but no fire at Craig Station |

Smoke but no fire at Craig Station

Patrick Kelly

Firefighters from Craig Fire/Rescue extinguish a hot spot caused by a spark from a welder at Craig Station coal-fired power plant.

Craig Fire/Rescue responded to a report of smoke in the unloading bays at Craig Station around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday.

According to Battalion Chief Steve Lingo, a worker was welding something to a steel beam Monday afternoon when a spark went up into the ceiling area above the welder. The spark sat there, smoldering in coal dust and insulation until it produced enough smoke to be noticed.

"That's when they called us," Lingo said.

When firefighters arrived at Craig Station, they found that the hot spot had not produced a fire. A thermal imaging camera was used to find the hot spot and put it out.

"We tore down the ceiling area, got the hot spot out of there, wet everything down and that was it," Lingo said.

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