Skeletal remains provide few clues |

Skeletal remains provide few clues

Questions linger after decomposed body found in woods north of Craig

Daily Press writer
The human skeletal remains discovered Sunday by hunters has only raised more questions, and provided very few immediate answers.
The remains were discovered in the northeast corner of Moffat County, on private land near County Road 40.
It is not known how long ago the individual died.
“It’s hard to estimate the age [of the skeleton],” Moffat County Sheriff Buddy Grinstead said. “It was located in heavy brush in an aspen grove which can directly impact the length of time it takes for a body to decompose.”
The investigation has not yet determined the gender, ethnicity or cause of death of the individual. The autopsy should provide answers to many of those lingering questions, Grinstead said.
“Generally, to get the final [autopsy] report takes six to eight weeks,” he said. “We’ll have an investigator there collecting evidence and talking with the forensic pathologist, but it will still be some time before we’ll have some answers.”
A firearm was also found near the individual.
Authorities explored the possibility that the remains were those of Richard Roberts, who disappeared in 1995 while he was Mayor of Hayden. A .22 caliber rifle disappeared with him. Roberts’ car was discovered in Utah several months after his disappearance.
That possibility has been conclusively ruled out by the Hayden Police Department. Clozthes, the build of the individual, and the caliber of weapon found on the scene did not match up, said Hayden Police Chief Jody Lenahan.
The Sheriff’s Office declined to identify the hunters who discovered the skeleton.

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