Sixth-grade students place third in knowlege master competition |

Sixth-grade students place third in knowlege master competition

Students from practically every state and several countries competed Jan. 24 in the the Elementary Knowledge Master Open academic competition. The team, consisting of sixth-grade students, used computers to answer 100 very challenging questions from all curricular areas.

The team of 25 sixth-grade students at Craig Intermediate School scored 651 of 1,000 points. They placed 3rd in Colorado, competing against 11 teams.

Academic coach, Mary Blakeman, described the event as “a very demanding mental competition. The students answered 91 out of 100 questions correctly. They worked well as a team and I am very proud of their efforts and performance.”

Students on the team were: Jaime Montez, Nathaniel Jowell, Tim Jackman, Alec Hays, Kellie Jorgensen, Amber Nicholson, Nick Gore, Nicole Farley, Heather Brown, Amber Delay, Trenton Duarte, Betsy Dunn, Melissa Ellgen, Tyler George, Jacquelyn Kinder, Katie Knez, Andrew Magas, Kaleb McKey, Chane Smith, Violet Smarik, Chris Peck, Frank Stewart, Sam Hope, Summer Hudish, and Mark Oxley.

The Knowledge Master Open was designed to stimulate enthusiasm for learning and recognition for academic accomplishment. The contest runs on classroom computers to allow all students the opportunity to compete in a large academic event without the expense of traveling to a central site. Results of the contest are tabulated into overall, state, and enrollment-size rankings by Academic Hallmarks, the Colorado publishing firm that hosts the event. Contest results and example questions are available at

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