Singleton: Thanks for ongoing help |

Singleton: Thanks for ongoing help

To the editor:

I want to thank our community for the recent show of support for Ryan and Hannah Sixkiller. And, I want to urge you to provide additional help if you possibly can.

Ryan has lost her job because she missed so much time in the past for her own medical problems and was also missing work to support her young daughter in her fight against cancer.

Now that Ryan is unemployed, she and her daughter will no longer have health insurance unless they can pay COBRA premiums of $1,300 per month.

I was Ryan's supervisor for a short time and was impressed with her ever-positive attitude and independence.

Ryan has never wanted anyone's pity or to be a "charity case." But, she and her daughter face far greater adversity than most of us ever have the misfortune of enduring.

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These days, Ryan's purpose is to spend as much time with Hannah as she possibly can and to be at Hannah's side with a mother's love throughout this battle.

The money that was raised at an event in Dixon, Wyo., and by children in Craig will be quickly used up by travel costs and medical expenses.

Those funds will go so much further if we can help Ryan keep her health insurance while she has the right to COBRA coverage for 18 months.

Please help this family keep the insurance they so badly need right now.

There is an account in Ryan's name for the benefit of Hannah Sixkiller at the Bank of Colorado, where you can deposit your assistance.

If you want to contribute monthly and will need reminders, leave a message with your name, number and e-mail address at 701-9116.

Thank you.

Chris Singleton

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