Sheriff’s department offers seniors added security |

Sheriff’s department offers seniors added security

Tyler Baskfield

Seniors in the community have a new program that may help them feel more secure at home. The Home Alone Program has been recently iniaiated by the Moffat County Sheriff’s Department to keep Moffat County’s seniors feeling safe at home.
“I think if I need some special help I think they will be there,” Willma Boyd, one of the participants in the Moffat County Sheriff’s Department Home Alone Program, said.
The program is designed for elderly who are home bound or people who are home bound due to injury.
Participants in the program can sign up to receive a check-up call from the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department then calls the participant at a scheduled time to make certain that everything is all right at the residence.
Sheriff Buddy Grinstead mimicked a program that has been in effect in Carbon County, Wyo. under the direction of Sheriff Jerry Colson. Colson passed on the idea to Grinstead at a law enforcement meeting.
“I felt it was a worth while endeavor since we have such a large population of seniors,” Grinstead said. “It is a way of checking on our home bound senior citizens.”
If a member of the Sheriff’s Department calls, and there is no answer, a deputy is sent to the participants address to do a welfare check. If no contact is made, then a responsible party that is listed on the sign up form is contacted and asked to respond to the residence. It is important that the responsible party have keys to the participant’s home.
“We’re really excited about the program,” Grinstead said. “I think it gives them (seniors) a sense of community.”
Boyd is thrilled with the program and has developed a real bond with Nancy Hettinger, records supervisor at the sheriff’s department, who calls to check on Boyd twice a week.
“My visits with Nancy have really helped,” Boyd said. “I really enjoy chatting with her.”
Boyd said the program, that she calls her life-line, should take some relief from other programs that are based on senior welfare. The snow and cold weather doesn’t bother Boyd as much as it used to. She knows that there will be people checking in on her.
“As long as my life line holds up, I’ll be O.K.,” Boyd said.
The program was introduced in September and has four participants. Grinstead is expecting the number to grow to 20 by June. Grinstead said he hopes the program will have enough participants to be self sufficient and the seniors involved in the program will be able to check on one another and call the Sheriff’s Department with any trouble.
To sign up for the program, pick up a form from the Sheriff’s Department and return it completed to the Moffat County Sheriff’s Department. Be sure to include an ideal calling time. For more information call the Moffat County Sheriff’s Department at 824-4495.

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