Shawn Coleman: Craig a deer ‘sanctuary’ |

Shawn Coleman: Craig a deer ‘sanctuary’

To the editor:

What is it with the people of Craig?

As an avid hunter and an animal lover, I am appalled that a few people and the Colorado Division of Wildlife think it's OK to slaughter Craig's deer.

This is a sanctuary. Of course the deer like it here. With all the browse, no predators and no hunting, they have decided that dodging a few cars isn't that bad.

We have made it this way. You can't shoot a gun in town, and if you did, you would be in trouble and if you went out and killed a deer (even if you intended on eating it) without a license, the DOW would fine you, take the animal and you would lose your hunting rights.

What makes it all right for the DOW to slaughter 90-plus percent of the deer?

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If the few who are complaining don't like it, then I say move. If you took a vote to see how many people like to see the deer in Craig, I'm sure it would outweigh the negative ones.

I have a privacy fence, my trees have not been eaten, my dogs cannot get out and chase the deer and be killed, and my kids are safe.

Deer will not jump over something that they cannot see over. There are other alternatives to the deer problem. Trap them, tranquilize them and haul them to the outer edges of Great Divide and let them go.

If they die, so be it.

At least the coyotes and lions will be eating good, and at least they had a chance. I have lived in Craig most of my life, but I have also experienced city life.

You never saw deer there and I would take the deer over the traffic any day.

Shawn Coleman

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