Shaffers: Library still needs work |

Shaffers: Library still needs work

To the editor:

We have an "impressive" library in Maybell?

I'm sure the board of directors were impressed. But, they didn't look close enough. We in Maybell are pleased and lucky to still have a library in Maybell.

The major problem with this is the fact that it isn't user-friendly. The engineer of this project lacked a lot in the thought department.

The books are jammed into one trailer with narrow, dead-end aisles, and jammed into the shelves very tight.

Then, at least half the books are end-wise rather than with the bindings and names showing.

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Also, the bottom shelves are very difficult to access so close to the floor.

Did I also mention with the aisles so narrow and the lighting poor it makes it difficult?

I think the board of directors should take a closer look. We are older patrons and maybe a bit cranky, but there is more room.

Why not spread it out a bit?

Diane and Albert Shaffer

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