Seventh grade volleyball, courts worth of sportsman |

Seventh grade volleyball, courts worth of sportsman


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The Craig Intermediate School gym is not only the site of kill, digs and serves, but is also a classroom for lessons in humanity.

Head seventh grade volleyball coach Ann Stehlin prides herself in not only producing competent athletes, but also competent humans as well. She works the girls hard, but with a soft touch – which has translated in some true scenes of sportsmanship.

“When our ‘A’ team took on Hayden, their was a girl on the other team who had to leave the game, because she had broken her arm,” Stehlin said. “The day after the match one of my girls had brought in a get well card for the whole team to sign, and send to the Hayden girl. The girls did this on their own without an suggestion from anyone – this is what I mean when I say their good humans.”

Just because the Lady Bullpups assign themselves to a high level of sports ethics doesn’t translate to them being pushovers on the court. The Lady ‘Pups “A” team is as of yet undefeated this season, holding a record of 4-0.

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This is not to say the team hasn’t had some troubles this season. The first match, of the first game of the year against Rangely, the Lady Bullpups lost. But in the next two matches the girls came back to win 16-14, 16-14.

“That’s the kind of kids we have – ones with big hearts,” Stehlin said. “The girls are extremely positive, and won’t get down on themselves if everything isn’t going their way.”

The team has played every team in their conference, and will start working their way back through them starting xxxxxx against xxxx.

The seventh grade “B” and “C” teams haven’t seen as much success as the “As” this year, but are working to solidify the basics.

The”B” and “C” teams both have the same record for the season, 1-2. While each squad has only won one game apiece, both have played extremely hard in each match-up.

“Every game we’ve played this year has gone three set, which mean the girls are sticking in there,” Coach Tim Hurst said. “Some of our server, and other details have kind of kept us down in some of the games.”

The “B” and “C” squads will start through the conference with the “A” team, starting xxxx.

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