Seventh grade Bullpups sweep Rangely at home |

Seventh grade Bullpups sweep Rangely at home

Tom Schafer

The seventh-grade Bullpups B team won a close game against Rangely Saturday at the Craig Intermediate School .

“The kids played a great game Saturday,” said Head Coach Norm Yoast.

With three minutes remaining, the Bullpups hit keys shots to break the tied game.

“The kids were patient with the ball and didn’t force any bad shots,” Yoast said. “And when they did miss a shot, it was rebounded.”

Bullpups toughened their defense and shut down Rangely’s offensive game late in the fourth quarter, Yoast said.

“The clincher came when the defense forced Rangely to take bad shots and lose a scoring opportunity,” he said. “They came back on offense and worked the ball around for a good shot.”

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The Bullpups went on to win 31-26.

The ‘Pups ended their season with an 8-2 record. The loses were to Rangely and Steamboat.

“I’m proud of the B team and how the 15 players came together everyday in practice and worked hard,” Yoast said. “They did what was asked of them and worked well together.”

The seventh-grade Bullpups A team looks unbeatable this season like nothing can stop them. The ‘Pups pulverized Rangely 68-20 Saturday morning at the Craig Intermediate School.

“It’s a good feeling,” Yoast said “Anytime your team is scoring that many points,”

The Bullpups took control of the game right from the tip off and quickly got into their offense.

The ‘Pups have a high-scoring offense, which helps them win games by wide margins.

“The Bullpups win by an average of 20-25 points per game,” Yoast said.

The offense worked the ball around well and was able to find the open man.

“They are patient with the ball and find the open shot.” Yoast said. “They get a lot of second-chance shots and rebounds.”

On the other side of the court, th Pups defense played a tough man-to-man and a press that frustrated the opponent into forcing turnovers, creating fast-break scoring points for the ‘Pups, Yoast said.

The ‘Pups have a balanced team and can revolve players in and out of games, which gives their starters a rest.

“I have such a deep bench,” Yoast said. “We wore out Rangely by rotating fresh legs during the game.”

The ‘Pups finished 10-0 in regular season play and will take the number one spot in districts next Saturday.

The ‘Pups will play Meeker, who they beat 68-5 in the first game of the season. The Bullpups have been practicing their pressing and one-three-one zone defense, which Steamboat often uses during games. The seventh-grade team will play a scrimmage game Wednesday against the eighth-grade team to practice breaking the one-three-one zone.

The Bullpups should win districts if they play good basketball, Yoast said.

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