Senior Swimnastics: Indoor recreation facility needed in Craig |

Senior Swimnastics: Indoor recreation facility needed in Craig

Senior Swimnastics

To the Editor:

As members of the Senior Swimnastics exercise group, we would like to have a bit of input on how we feel about the new recreation center. Our indoor swimming pool situation in Craig is very limited. Things heard in the community seem to portray that the Moffat County High School pool is in a predicament due to needed repairs and year to year it is unsure whether there will be a pool there.

Our current facility at the old Shadow Mountain building, graciously kept running by the American Legion Post No. 62, is always in need of repair due to age. This indoor pool also is going to be closed in the near future.

For many of us, this is the only form of exercise that we can do. We are limited due to age, physical conditions and surgeries, and that makes it almost impossible for us to exercise any other way. We are not the only ones who think swimming is important. We have two high school state championship-level swimmers here in Craig. We have a wonderful competitive swimming program called the Sea Sharks. We have lap swimmers who are totally dedicated to their form of exercise.

We need an indoor facility in Craig.

We thank our county commissioners, who have been listening to a group of educators, business people, health professionals, parents and senior citizens who asked them to readdress the indoor recreation facility.

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We hope we can find a way as a community to work together for this worthwhile facility. At present, the land that it would be built on has been donated (that is free) for that use. If we don’t use the land for the recreation center, we lose it.

Don’t lose this opportunity for such a great improvement to our community.

Lenny Crouse

Donna M. Hall

Corky Coverston

Susan Smith

Karen Cattoor

Nora Jones

Bobbie Harper

Jamie Jacobs

Alice Snowden

Kym Hazelbaker

Dorothyann Hazelbaker

Nana Beth Mead

Jill J. Grimes

Stefka White

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