Senior Spotlightfor January 28, 2013 |

Senior Spotlightfor January 28, 2013

Mary Jo Brown

January is going out in splendor a mixture of sun, rain and snow. Moody like some people I know. Life is that way.

I look at it like okay, start the day thinking another day. Time to get up and take some pills, etc. I practically quit planning my day. Never comes out one way or another on how I thought it would.

But it’s okay. I learn something different every day no matter how small it is. The ifs of life are many, I learned some time ago, if I had done certain things different way back when. My whole life would be unfolding differently. But here I be.

Such as I am and you know it could be a lot worse. I try not to think of the if’s too much. But they like to lurk around.

Anyway Happy Birthday to Jane Brown and Janette Harris.

Get Well Soon — Speedy Recovery to all my friends, family, etc that have the flu or whatever strain you have.

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Sunset Meadows I Friday noon potluck. Bingo may follow.

Ground Hog Day is February 2. I wonder if he’ll see his shadow.

Thanks for your calls, etc.

Mary Jo Brown

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