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Senior Spotlightfor Aug. 10

This weekend wasn't so busy.

I had time to sit back and crochet some. I've been crocheting afghans (broomstick patterns). They are the easiest for me to do. I think I am about caught up now.

The trouble is finding the colors I need. I let my grandchildren pick out the colors they want theirs to be. I learn from that — the colors match their interest in sports, music, hobbies, etc.

There's the old saying, "Ask a child if you want to know the truth." Even if you don't ask, they'll tell you anyway.

Birthdays I have for this week are Dee Phillips, Gladys Mansfield, Robert Tomlinson and Diane Beard.

Get well/speedy recovery to Jean Goldstein, Linda Herrera and Rose Razzano.

The noon potluck is scheduled for Friday at Sunset Meadows I.

Birthdays, get well wishes and other news are always needed.


Mary Jo Brown