Senior Spotlight for Sept. 7 |

Senior Spotlight for Sept. 7

Mary Jo Brown

One thing I noticed was that it's calendar collection time.

I've been going to various businesses and receiving a calendar. By next month, I could have enough calendars to supply all my family and some friends.

But, I quit that part.

I also get calendars in the mail. My daughter wanted to know why I had a calendar on the bathroom wall.

I said it gives people something to nice to look at and something to remind me that it's time to move on.

I like getting to see how fast the days go by, most of the time.

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I have birthdays this week for Elizabeth Tabor, Wayne Mohrstadt and Mitch-

ell Morris.

Get well/speedy recovery to Elsie Chase, Walt Cisar, Leroy Lawton, Mel Duran, Jr., Clair Villard, Carl Zamora, Al Gloeckle, Jim Wells, Todd Erickson and Bob Klenda.

The noon potluck is scheduled for Friday at Sunset Meadows I. Bingo follows at 1 p.m. Come join us.

Mary Jo Brown

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