Senior Spotlight for Sept. 28 |

Senior Spotlight for Sept. 28

Mary Jo Brown

Turkeys, pilgrims, pumpkins, spiders, witches, Santa.

Wait a minute. What's this?

Oh, stores stocking up for Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas already. Boggles my mind.

Why do we have to see all this stuff at precisely this time? Do one holiday at a time. Time is rushed enough, as I see it.

I don't enjoy seeing a mass presentation of witches and bats mixed in with Christmas. The message of the holidays is lost in the chaotic jumble of materialistic fantasy. How many people remember the real reason for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Happy birthday to Norma Campbell, Iris Balleck, Marie Greenwald and Dorothy Forshee.

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Get well/speedy recovery to Larry Keller, Dora Dalton, Rosemary Kitchens, Katie Kendall and Theresa Rendon.

The AARP safe driving class is on Thursday in the Sunset Meadows I rec room. Call 824-5123. A sign-up sheet is at Sunset Meadows I.

Don't forget the Friday noon potluck at Sunset Meadows I.

See ya there.

Mary Jo Brown

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