Senior spotlight for Nov. 24 |

Senior spotlight for Nov. 24

Mary Jo Brown

Christmas movies are in full swing and they are the usual Hallmark stories, full of people and how they think of Christmas.

In the movies, people see the holidays commercially at first, and then spiritually as children guide the story towards the end.

As I understand, the moral of these stories is if you truly believe, it will be given unto you. Love is what it's all about, and forgiveness also is a strong point.

This holiday season give spiritually of yourself and reap the rewards of Christmas.

Start now and enjoy Thanksgiving. Say a prayer for those who aren't able to enjoy it, and see how much better you feel.

We have turkey day — maybe duck — this week, as well as birthdays for Mary Jane Findley, Bob Falconer, Jeff Southand and MaryBelle Gore.

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Speedy recovery/get well to Tanya Bohrer, Ross Raggano and all of you who aren't feeling well physically, mentally or spiritually. Have a nice, if not happy, Thanksgiving.

There will be no meal or bus service Thursday at Sunset Meadows or Friday due to the holiday.

There also is no bingo or noon potluck at Sunset Meadows on Friday.

The Parade of Lights is Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

— Mary Jo Brown

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