Senior Spotlight for Monday, Jan. 2, 2012 |

Senior Spotlight for Monday, Jan. 2, 2012

The old year is gone to where old years go, and Baby New Year is starting to settle in.

Hopefully, we won't have too many unpleasant surprises weather-wise.

I'm still getting Christmas cards in the mail. Thank you to all who sent them for the beautiful cards.

I hope the new year brings everyone all good things and lots of good cheer. Happy new year to you all.

Happy birthday to Haley Belin Van Grandt, Sophie Grieves, and Maxine Martin.

Get well/speedy recovery to Delores Drawn, Celeste Starling, Harriet Decker, and all friends, family and neighbors who have the virus that seems to like everyone this time of year.

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Sure hope it doesn't hang around for too long.

Wishing you all a very speedy get well.

No meal or bus service at Sunset Meadows I today due to the holiday.

Sunset Meadows I noon potluck is Friday.

Have a very good new year.


Mary Jo Brown

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