Senior Spotlight for May 30, 2011 |

Senior Spotlight for May 30, 2011

Mary Jo Brown

School is out and skateboards, bikes and flags are showing up more.

Spring has sprung and the rain is probably going to go somewhere else one of these days.

Until then, I'll keep my umbrella handy.

Another thing I'll keep handy is birthday wishes.Happy birthday to Dominick Southard, Devon Reece, Judy Southard and Ruby Gaskill.

Get well/speedy recovery to Phyllis Varela, Ron Moran, Coleen Braver, Rose Razzano and, Maria and Larry Keller.

Another holiday has past.

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I hope you all enjoyed the activities in some way. June will be busting out all over.

The potluck lunch is at noon Friday at Sunset Meadows I. See you there.

News is always welcome.


Mary Jo Brown

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