Senior Spotlight for May 26 |

Senior Spotlight for May 26

I see the list of yard sales in the newspaper is growing.

We need to watch for people jaywalking if we are anywhere near some of the sales. Also, they need to watch for oncoming vehicles.

The rain probably puts on a damper for some of the stuff going on this week — the carnival and, later on in the weekend, Grand Olde West Days. The parade is scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday.

I have birthdays this week for Sara Matheson, Dominick Southard and Rose Potter.

Get well/speedy recovery to Jerry Teeter, Marie Keller, Linda Herrera, Linda Sandoval and Karen Prince.

The potluck is noon Friday at Sunset Meadows I.

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The McDonald's senior breakfast is Wednesday, and Grand Olde West Days runs Saturday through Monday.

There will be no bus service or meals Memorial Day at Sunset Meadows I because of the holiday.

News is always welcome.


Mary Jo Brown

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