Senior Spotlight for June 15 |

Senior Spotlight for June 15

The storms roll by like a classic symphony playing a mysterious song, as the wind blows in like violins warming up, and oboe and flute rumbles are heard in the distance.

The rumble nears and suddenly becomes a drum roll of thunder with a clash of cymbals as it reaches a crescendo.

The rain falls harder, perhaps sleet or hail mixed in with their version of a xylophone. The sounds ring out as the rain hits various things, another drum roll and clash of cymbals, then they slowly fade as the winds take over and finally, the mystical maestro signals the end and silence reigns as the sound fades away.

Perhaps to come again, like later in an encore.

I like music, so I liken things to noise and music. Classical music makes me feel more in tune with the rage of storms at times.

It depends on the composer.

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I have birthdays this week for Theodore Floyd, Sarah Peed and Mary Sue Herold.

Speedy recovery/get well wishes to Elsie Chase, Dorothy Tabor, Cathy and Jim Wells, Vicki Schmidt and Ruby Gaskill.

A potluck is scheduled for noon Friday at Sunset Meadows I, 633 Ledford St. Come on over, and bring a friend.

The Whittle the Wood Rendezvous is this week at Craig City Park.

Want to feel warm? Give someone a hug.


Mary Jo Brown

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