Senior Spotlight for July 27 |

Senior Spotlight for July 27

Mary Jo Brown

Sunday included a flurry of activity in our family.

We celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of my sister, Anna Berniece James, and her husband, Roy, at the Luttrell Barn.

Joining us was their daughter, Venita Jean Goldstein, of Laramie, Wyo., Krystal and Mike Morris, of Longmont, Lisa Gill Kayle Goldstein, and Jeremy Zmyslo, of Salt Lake City.

Also attending was niece Judy Southard, Amber, Sean, Jeff, Dominick, Ricky and Channelle Southard, Theodora Bowlds, Jane and Hal Glanville, Haley Van Grandt, Jaceson Van Grandt, and Justin, Vicky and Trey Gallegos.

More attendees included Joe and Tony Gallegos, Phyllis Varela, Jayme Colvin, Emma and Rhonda Mascarenas, Merna Dilldine, Luis, Tony and Donelia Herrera, Marie and Larry Keller, and Ron Moran.

This week, I also have birthdays for Marilyn McKinney, Kirby Barber, Donna Adrian, Dorothy Osborne and Peter Forbes.

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Speedy recovery/get well wishes go out to Jerry Ides, Jerry Teeter, Twila Holmes and Walt Cisar.

This week's potluck will take place at noon Friday at Sunset Meadows I, 633 Ledford St. Bring a friend.

News is always a welcome. Call 824-2139.


Mary Jo Brown

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