Senior Spotlight for July 25, 2011 |

Senior Spotlight for July 25, 2011

Mary Jo Brown

Once again, the end of the month is coming around the corner.

Along with this one is the reminder that autumn is getting closer.

School supplies are in view and summer sales are popping out all over.

The heat wave is increasing, so be extra careful of being outside in it for too long.

As for me, I don't venture forth too often, anymore.

But, never mind that. Let's move on to a more celebratory topic.

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Happy birthday to Dorothy Osborn, Marilyn McKinney, Francis Chisholm and any other people with July birthdays I didn't get down. I hope you all have a very happy summer birthday.

Get well/speedy recovery to Peggy Lawton, Riema Gomez, Theresa Rendon, Clara Abeyta, Betty and Al Herrera, Frank Ford, and Ruth King.

The local chapter of AARP is meeting at 2 p.m. today at Sunset Meadows I.

The McDonalds senior breakfast is slated for Wednesday. The noon potluck is scheduled for noon Friday at Sunset Meadows.

Come join us, and bring a friend. We hope to see you there.

Any birthdays, anniversaries, trips, family visits, etc., let me know. Age doesn't matter. We love you all.

News is always welcome.


Mary Jo Brown

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