Senior Spotlight for July 11, 2011 |

Senior Spotlight for July 11, 2011

Mary Jo Brown

Good old summertime. I hope summer has been good for you and your family, and it will continue to be.

The sun and I don't get along too well after the thermometer registers 75 degrees or so.

I like 69, 70 or 71 better. So, I don't venture into the sunshine too much during the day.

I enjoy the evenings and the rain, though the humidity is a factor at times. But, I realize we can't have everything.

We can, however, have well wishes for those celebrating birthdays. This week, I have birthdays for Tony Ayres, Frances Chisholm and Delores Yoast.

Get well/speedy recovery to Rose Razzano, Peggy Lawton, Al Gloeckle, Stephen Sharp and Ronnie Vincent.

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Visiting Craig and stopping by Sunset Meadows I were Ryan Jafigliola, of Americus, Ga.; Heather Skolnick, of New York; and Tom Weber, of Broomfield.

They were here with the Fuller Center for Housing. They presented a short video on some of the work they do helping build homes.

These youngsters go all over the country helping build and repair homes.

The Relay for Life luminary ceremony and survivors' lap begins at 5 p.m. Friday and the event lasts until the following day.

For more information, call 826-9771.

The noon potluck is set for Friday at Sunset Meadows I. Come join us, and bring a friend.

News is always welcome.


Mary Jo Brown

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