Senior Spotlight for January 14, 2013 |

Senior Spotlight for January 14, 2013

Mary Jo Brown

The main topic is the cold weather. Well, it is very cold. February is looming closer in the future. It will bring forth a change in the temperature.

In the mean time, I watch the weather channel often. Thank my lucky stars I’m not in Indiana with not only cold weather but tornadoes some places having news on floods, etc.

So I focus towards the future one day at a time. Think someone told me Valentine’s stuff is showing up already. So I need to see what all I got in my decorations and start thinking about hearts and flowers. I know it’s hard to do when you have to go out in sub-zero weather.

Bundle up and keep warm as soon as possible. I use an afghan on my lap. My apartment is not too warm at times. But I do layers of clothes and so on. Do one day at a time.

Happy Birthday to Sean Southard, Sophie Nardie and Pat Hering.

Get well wishes — speedy recovery to Linda Sandoval and Becky Sanchez.

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News, etc. welcome.

Keep warm and smile. It warms up whoever see it and spreads to you.


Mary Jo Brown

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