Senior Spotlight for January 14, 2013 |

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Senior Spotlight for January 14, 2013

The main topic is the cold weather. Well, it is very cold. February is looming closer in the future. It will bring forth a change in the temperature.

In the mean time, I watch the weather channel often. Thank my lucky stars I’m not in Indiana with not only cold weather but tornadoes some places having news on floods, etc.

So I focus towards the future one day at a time. Think someone told me Valentine’s stuff is showing up already. So I need to see what all I got in my decorations and start thinking about hearts and flowers. I know it’s hard to do when you have to go out in sub-zero weather.

Bundle up and keep warm as soon as possible. I use an afghan on my lap. My apartment is not too warm at times. But I do layers of clothes and so on. Do one day at a time.

Happy Birthday to Sean Southard, Sophie Nardie and Pat Hering.

Get well wishes — speedy recovery to Linda Sandoval and Becky Sanchez.

Sunset Meadows I Friday noon potluck.

News, etc. welcome.

Keep warm and smile. It warms up whoever see it and spreads to you.


Mary Jo Brown