Senior Spotlight for Jan. 7, 2013 |

Senior Spotlight for Jan. 7, 2013

Mary Jo Brown

This past week I had a recall of a tune I hadn't heard for some time.

Actually, I couldn't remember where I had heard it. It just came to my mind suddenly while I was watching TV.

I hummed along, trying to recall the words. No luck. It wasn't on any of my CDs, anyway.

It came back with two lines of words: "If the sands of time were sands that I could hold, I'd put them in my hands and keep them warm."

I felt like crying. It keeps coming back, more and more words are showing up.

Well, I got to thinking life is like the sands of time. Try as hard as we can, it goes on, one way or another.

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Whatever we do, it finally slips away.

I remember the day I heard that tune, and later the whole song.

It was the song we chose to put on the video we had made in memory of my husband. The background music as it shows pictures of his life.

The sands of time.

My memory is returning, little by little. His birthday is Jan. 16.

The sands of time = memories.

Happy birthday to Davida White, Mary Otis, Dorothy Tabor, Virginia Acord, Pat Hering, Frances Burch and Wade Gagnon.

Get well/speedy recovery to Fred Carlson and Patrick Phelan.

Sunset Meadows I Friday potluck is at noon, bingo may follow. Come join us.

I got a letter from Laura Swanson asking to give greetings and best wishes to all her friends at Sunset Meadows, etc.

She still is getting around. Ruth and her husband take good care of her.

She still reads and enjoys getting cards and letters:

Laura E. Swanson

2999 Power Plant Road

Lingle, WY 82223—8502

News, etc. always welcome.


Mary Jo Brown

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