Senior Spotlight for Jan. 17, 2011 |

Senior Spotlight for Jan. 17, 2011

Mary Jo Brown

I read the letters to the editor in the Craig Daily Press and it amazes and amuses. I either agree or disagree on what the subject is.

You see, we all have an opinion on anything, and our right to state it is a precious thing.

My opinion is a man goes hunting and spies bear tracks. He says, "Wow, let's follow and get that bear."

He didn't know it was in a lair. All he thought was, I'll do two things, and maybe get a trophy and get rid of a hungry bear. It wasn't his fault.

Mr. Bear was taking what seemed like a nap. Going in after it wasn't a snap. The bear could have come anytime from within the den. What would have happened then?

My opinion is I think it's best we all put this bear business behind us. Let the bear in peace get his rest.

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Happy birthday to Sean Southard, Sophie Nardi, Pat Hering, Ann Falconer and Virginia Accord.

Get well/speedy recovery to Zan Shepherd, Wayne King, Margaret Grant, Jason Ladrini, Sharon Clark and Don Pulver.

The AARP meeting is at 2 p.m. Jan. 24 at Sunset Meadows I. The noon potluck is this Friday, also at Sunset Meadows I. Bingo may follow.

Come join us. See you there.

Mary Jo Brown

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