Senior Spotlight for April 18, 2011 |

Senior Spotlight for April 18, 2011

Mary Jo Brown

As Easter draws closer, I wonder what are some people concentrating on mostly.

Is it Easter outfits, Lent, Easter eggs, baskets, getting ready to go to Grandma's for Easter dinner, etc.?

Maybe it's more than just one of the above.

One thing we do is dye eggs and have Easter dinner or a potluck here at Sunset Meadows I.

The kids come in from school, usually Sunset Elementary, on a weekday and we join in coloring the eggs.

Whatever we do, the main thing is to remember what Easter really stands for.

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Happy birthday to Addyson Miller, my great-great granddaughter.

Yeah, she is 1. How neat is that?

Also, happy birthday to Jean Goldstein, my niece who came to visit me and my family.

Speedy recovery/get well wishes to Marilynn McKinney, Coleen Brauer, Scotty McMurtry, Bob Harrington, Aurora Gonzalez, DeAnn Jacobs, Ruth King, Jane Milligan and Rose Guiterrez.

The noon potluck will take place Friday at Sunset Meadows I, 633 Ledford St.

Bingo follows at 1 p.m.

The AARP meeting is scheduled for April 25 at Sunset Meadows I.

Easter Sunday is this week. Enjoy it.

Spring looks like it's starting, to me. Enjoy it, too.

Mary Jo Brown

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