Senior Spotlight for April 11, 2011 |

Senior Spotlight for April 11, 2011

Mary Jo Brown

Hope springs eternal.

Department stores are having annual sales. There are changes in stock for clothes, shoes, etc.

The warmer spring styles are coming in and winter stuff is going out.

Boy, I say as I look out the window at a blizzard. How neat is that?

There have been several people I know who have gotten some real good deals.

I guess I'll go out and check 'em out, between snows. Who knows, I may run into Santa Claus and get a discount on my next Christmas in April present, instead of in July.

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Anyway, a brisk walk never hurt anyone.

In the meantime, happy birthday to Maggie Holland, Bob Gilbert, Elberta Cochran, Evelyn Shinn, Tory Sharp, Shirley Sharp, Linda Herrera and Connie Sickle.

Speedy recovery/get well wishes to Marilyn McKinney, Steve Deyo, Gary Harper, Kirby Barber, Sue Herald, Rose Gomez and Tim Compos.

The noon potluck is Friday at Sunset Meadows I. Bingo is at 1 p.m. Come join us for a good time at one or both of these.


Mary Jo Brown

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