Seeking a thunderous victory: Moffat County’s cheer teams head to Denver for state competition |

Seeking a thunderous victory: Moffat County’s cheer teams head to Denver for state competition

Erin Fenner

The Moffat County Thunder Cheer teams will be tumbling and showing off stunts in the state competition in Denver on Sunday.

Twenty-one Moffat County girls will be up against several teams when they perform for a panel of judges.

Coach Valerie Davis, is proud of her teams and excited for them to show off what their practice has accomplished.

"The talent that these kids have is amazing," she said. "They're really excited. They've been working real hard. It's real stressful."

The girls go up against larger schools in competitions, but still do well, Davis said. They work on new stunts and routines for each competition.

"Every competition is different. We always try to improve on everything," she said.

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Recently, the senior team has been focusing on two stunts: a leap-frog and a full-one-legged heel stretch. Both require balance, strength and teamwork, Davis said,

The junior team is also working hard for their Denver trip, said coach Amber Snow.

"I'm really excited because I was a cheerleader when I was younger. I have a 5-year-old on the junior team," she said. "They do amazing."

The girls learn fast, Davis said.

"A lot of girls are first-time cheerleaders, and they can barely do a cartwheel, and after one year can do a back-handspring," she said.

But, the teams don't just focus on cheer skills, Davis said.

"We work hard with them," she said. "A lot of these girls, cheer is their passion, but with that, in order to be on our team, we have certain expectations from them: Not only inside of the gym but outside of the gym."

That means the girls need to get good grades and be respectful team members, Davis said.

The junior team, ages five to 14-years-old, will be facing seven teams and the senior team, 10 and older, will be up against eight teams in the Denver competition. They post videos of their routines on their Facebook page, Moffat County Thunder Cheer.

The teams are also gearing up for Nationals, which will take place on May 19 in Las Vegas.

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