Scott: A qualified candidate |

Scott: A qualified candidate

To the editor:

The purpose of this letter is to publicly endorse Jennifer Riley as a write-in candidate for Moffat County assessor Nov. 2.

Jennifer is a Certified Residential Appraiser and currently serves as chief appraiser in the office.

This only begins to describe her qualifications and education. I would describe Jennifer's role in the office as indispensible.

She is always taking on more duties and responsibilities. This demonstrates a strong work ethic and devotion to the office.

Over the years, she has been responsible for staff training and technological development.

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She is well versed in most administrative and appraisal functions within the office.

She will be an effective manager, and a positive force in county government.

I am asking that everyone who voted for me in the Republican primary election vote for Jennifer in the general election. I am also asking that all independent and Democratic voters support her, as well.

I ran for assessor not only because I am qualified, but because I wanted to maintain the professional ethics of the office. I had the support of our staff, and so does Jennifer.

I assure you that this endorsement is not a case of "sour grapes" on my part. Please call me if you have questions or concerns. I would prefer that to speculation or hearsay.

Property tax is a "necessary evil." No one likes to pay it, and they certainly don't want to pay a disproportionate amount. Tax revenue provides basic services that support our community.

To that end, we need an assessor who will commit to fully and equitably valuing all property. We need an assessor who understands they are accountable to all property owners and their duty is to treat everyone equitably. We need an assessor who is not only accessible, but one who is educated and experienced enough to answer all questions and concerns.

It is the duty of the assessor to appropriately value property based on sound appraisal practice and laws, not negotiation.

I encourage voters to be educated about their candidates and the duties of their local government, and to cast their vote based on experience, education, ethics, accountability and service.

The best way to do this is to meet or contact the candidates and question them about things that are of concern. First and foremost, you should know why they are seeking office.

In closing, please vote Nov.2, and support the candidate for assessor who is clearly more educated, qualified and properly motivated to serve — Jennifer Riley.

Carol Scott

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