Scotia Pepping: Way to reduce deer and help others |

Scotia Pepping: Way to reduce deer and help others

To the editor:

The residents of the town of Craig understand all too well the concerns of the deer population in a city. They leave droppings in lawns, increase the likelihood of hitting one in town and the possibility they will cause injury to residents. This past summer, at Lowdy Simpson a stray fawn ran through the stands of the baseball fields and came running straight towards me. Luckily, the deer veered and missed me entirely.

Recently a reader posted a comment regarding options as to how a city could reduce deer population in town. This along with my recent experience of being a victim of theft got me thinking about a way that we can reduce the deer population in town as well as help those that are less fortunate.

As a resolution to these two problems, I propose we trap the deer and have them butchered for the less fortunate residents of our town. In order for this plan to work we would need willing residents to place traps in their yards, the DOW willing to come and transport these deer to a butcher who is willing to process the game for free. I am certain the United Way could find less fortunate residents in need of meat in their freezers. To ensure we can continue living as small town with the peace of mind and security we need to ensure those residents who are less fortunate are taken care of. This plan would reduce the overpopulation of deer in town as well as hopefully reduce the crime rates in town.

Scotia Pepping

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