School board will seat one new member |

School board will seat one new member

Wellman, Ellgen will continue to serve; Durham replaces seat vacated by Malley

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Despite three school board seats being up for grabs this year, the make-up of the Moffat County school board did not change much as a result of Tuesday’s election.
Rod Durham will be the only new face sitting in at the next school board meeting.
He won the district 6 seat, left vacant by Chuck Malley who recently moved to Bend, Ore.
Durham tallied 838 votes, to 368 by Kelly Davidson and 297 given to Robbie Roberts.
“I’m looking forward to being on the board and working with the other board members,” he said. “It will be a learning process, but it will also be fun.”
The learning process already began for Roberts.
“Running was a good experience. There was more to it than I thought,” Roberts said. “I just want to thank all the people that voted for me.”
When told the results of the race, Durham’s opponent, Roberts said, “That’s awesome. Rod will do a really good job.”
Incumbents John Wellman and Gary Ellgen, won their respective district 2 and 4 seats.
Wellman received 923 votes, while his opponent, Cindy Sorensen, received 625.
Wellman plans to approach his job the same as he has in the past.
“We’ll start by taking things one step at a time and approach each issue as it needs to be addressed,” he said. “I would like to thank all the voters and candidates who showed an interest, and congratulate all the other candidates.”
Sorensen said she lost to a good board member.
“John is a smart man and did a good job at the forum,” she said. “I thought I did well.”
Although her son will only have one year of school left when the district 2 seat is up for election again, Sorensen has not ruled out the chance of running again.
She’ll use what she learned in this year’s election.
“I wish I had been better informed and a little more prepared,” she said. “But overall it was a good experience for me.”
Gary Ellgen won district 4 with 1072 votes to 484 by his opponent, Jeff Whilden.
“I appreciate the support from the community and will try to keep them, the students and parents in mind as we make decisions,” Ellgen said.
Ellgen said the other candidates earned his respect at the candidate forum held two weeks ago.
“That forum was really good. Everybody was sincere and wanted to do what was right for the school district,” he said. “That night I thought whoever is elected will be excellent.”
Whilden said he believed Ellgen would continue to serve the district well.
“I think Moffat County wins,” Whilden said. “Gary has done a good job and will continue to do so.”
Whilden, who has attended school board meetings faithfully for five years, said he will continue to do so.
“I’m going to stay active,” he said. “They can’t get rid of me that easy.”
Kelly Davidson, the other district 6 candidate, could not be reached for comment.

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