School board begins superintendent search |

School board begins superintendent search

Daily Press writer
A week ago the Moffat County Board of Education decided how it would conduct a search for a new superintendent.
Monday night at the board’s official monthly meeting, the board took the first small step forward in the search process.
Personnel supervisor Bruce Gregg presented an advertisement for the board’s approval that is to be sent out today to all Colorado school districts, Colorado colleges and universities, the Colorado Association of School Boards and the Colorado Association of School Executives.
No objections were made to the proposed advertisement.
The ad outlines what type of community and school district Moffat County is, as well as the what characteristics the board is seeking in a superintendent.
All of the outlets will post the ad for free, Gregg said.
An ad will also be placed in the Denver Post, but Gregg was not sure what size it would be, or how long it would run in that publication.
The way the board has chosen to conduct the search at this time will cost the district a minimal amount of money, Gregg said.
“By doing a limited search like they are, they can always expand and do more if they don’t get the amount of applications they want,” he said.
Board member John Wellman liked where the board was in the search process.
“We’re on a good track so far,” he said.
Wellman said he’s concerned about everything involved in the superintendent search process, and board member Steve Hafey agreed.
“We’re going to keep putting the best foot forward and hope we get quality applications,” Hafey said. “We don’t know what will happen down the pipe.”
The board also approved a tentative timeline for the search process, setting a deadline to accept applications on Feb. 15.
On Jan. 7 and Jan. 17, community meetings will be held to seek public input.
Input will be sought from the Parent Advisory Committee and staff during the month of January.
A screening process will be done on applicants in February, and background checks will be done in March.
Interviews will be conducted in early-April, and tentatively the job will be offered in late-April and the board will then be asked to approve the offer.
If all goes well, the new superintended will begin their job sometime in early-summer.

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