Sarah Wagner: Dinosaur’s story needs to be heard at meeting |

Sarah Wagner: Dinosaur’s story needs to be heard at meeting

To the editor:

Moffat County School District will be having a special meeting Thursday to decide the fate of the Dinosaur Community Charter School. MCSD board will met in an executive session at 4 p.m. to consult with their attorney. At 5:30 p.m., DCCS will be allowed to speak for 20 minutes before they vote to revoke the charter contract.

DCCS has been told by Pete Bergmann and Joel Sheridan not to talk about why Dinosaur needs a school because they have already heard it. When asked what topics needed to be addressed, DCCS was told old compliance issues would be discussed.

I find it interesting that DCCS will be allowed to speak for only 20 minutes, not allowed to attend any private meetings, or present any information other than old news, while MCSD takes away the future of their community. Maybell was allowed an hour and a half at a special meeting on March 14 to persuade MCSD to keep their school open.

DCCS has not received “fair” treatment from MCSD or from the news reporters that only report one side of the story. Once again, DCCS has to spend valuable time and money fighting to keep the doors open to provide education on the west end of the county, while most of the county schools in Craig are being renovated. This is a county school district and it is not representing all of the county. Be at the meeting Thursday and voice your opinion. You have 20 minutes.

Sarah Wagner

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