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SAPP fundraiser earns $6K

Tressa Otis, left, and Hunter Beckett, background, stand with bicycles they won during an awards ceremony Thursday morning at McDonald’s in Craig. Otis and Beckett were among several local third- through fifth-graders who won awards for selling tickets to a fundraiser for the Substance Abuse Prevention Program.

2011 Substance Abuse Prevention Program award winners:

(Name — award — tickets sold)

• Tyler Burkett — laptop — 405

• Hunter Beckett — bicycle — 200

• Tressa Otis — bicycle — 110

• Brianna Burkett — iPod — 99

• Makayla Hampton — iPod — 99

Students who sold more than 20 tickets:

• Bailey Bond

• Emily Gonzales

• Sebastian Hershiser

• Joahan Quezada

• Tayla Siminoe

• Dagan White

• Adriana Simones

• Colton Lodato

• Angelina Simones

• Morgan Fuller

• Ellina Jones

• Caitlyn Running

• Amber Salazar

• Michelle Shingleton

• Daniel Cruz

• Rebecca Cruz

• Carter Ogden

• Kaziah Johnston

Five Craig elementary school students walked away from a celebratory breakfast Thursday at McDonald's with prizes ranging from an iPod to a new laptop.

The awards recognized their status as top ticket sellers for pancake breakfasts that took place in November at the restaurant.

The proceeds benefited the Substance Abuse Prevention Program, which supports activities and programs designed to stamp out drug and alcohol abuse.

Tyler Burkett, a Sandrock Elementary School student, took the top prize, a laptop computer, for selling 405 tickets.

Hunter Beckett, another Sandrock student, and Tressa Otis, of Ridgeview Elementary School, won bicycles for selling 200 and 110 tickets, respectively.

Sandrock Elementary students Brianna Burkett and Makayla Hampton each sold 99 tickets and won iPods.

Students who sold more than 20 tickets received cash prizes that ranged from $20 to $35, Ridgeview Elementary Principal Julie Baker said.

Together, they and other third- through fifth-graders who participated in the fundraiser garnered about $6,000, SAPP secretary/treasurer Becky Otis said.

The pancake breakfasts are the program's sole fundraiser, SAPP board president Jerry Hoberg said, although SAPP receives funds from other sources, including court fines.

SAPP relies on money raised from the annual fundraiser to support various projects, including funding after-school programs, donating to an after prom party for Moffat County High School, and buying T-shirts and other items for the local Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or D.A.R.E., program.

SAPP also funds three $1,000 scholarships for Moffat County High School graduates.

The amount raised this year is in the range of what the fundraiser has collected in the past, Hoberg said.

"I think last year, we probably made a little more," he said. "In years prior to that, we have made less."

Former Craig Police Chief Glen Sherman started the program in the late 1970s or early 1980s, and it's "one of the original programs that was set up to help prevent drug and alcohol abuse," Hoberg said.

The money the students help raise will eventually benefit them, he said, as they participate in SAPP-funded after-school programs and D.A.R.E.

"And it gives them the chance to win a few prizes," he said.

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