Safety Center holds celebration honoring local veterans |

Safety Center holds celebration honoring local veterans

Daily Press writer
The Moffat County Sheriff’s Office and the Craig Police Department will host an open house on Nov. 12 at the Moffat County Public Safety Center for veterans of military service. The open house is being held in recognition of Veterans’ Day, Nov. 11.
Presentations and artwork by elementary students will be part of the program, as well as letters from the community which the departments hope to collect.
“What we’d like is for the community to send letters either thanking veterans, or the remembrances of a veteran, or about a veteran,” Craig Police Detective Storm Fallon said. “The letters will be posted up in [the Public Safety Center] during the open house.”
Veterans of Foreign War Post 4265 have been invited to the event but this celebration is for all who have served in the military in any capacity, Fallon said.
“Anyone who has served has made sacrifices, in war or peacetime,” she said. “Deployments separate families, for example. It’s important to honor those who have served. This country wouldn’t be where it’s at without these men and women serving in our armed forces.”
Fallon served in the military police in the Army from 1989 to 1993. The public is welcome to come to the open house, enjoy the refreshments and read the letters that are sent in, Annette Gianinetti of the Sheriff’s Office.
“Over the last couple of year’s, the Sheriff’s Office has wanted to do something to honor veterans and their families,” Gianinetti said. “This is a casual affair, but it is a celebration to honor veterans.”
Both the Sheriff and the Police Chief are strong supporters of the event.
“I think’s it’s important to recognize veterans of any service,” Sheriff Buddy Grinstead said. “Recent events should help us remember that we have tremendous freedoms and liberties, and the roll veterans have played in that.”
Both departments have several veterans in their ranks, which is another reason this event is important, Chief Walt Vanatta said.
“Not only because of what is going on now, but our country wouldn’t be the way it is without our military,” he said. “It’s appropriate to have those that have served recognized.”
Letters for the veterans open house at the PSC should be sent to the Moffat County Public Safety Center at 800 West First Street. The letters can be addressed to Fallon at Suite 300, or Gianinetti at Suite 100.

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